About Susan

About Susan


The camera has been my third eye forever. But it was only five years ago, and following a career in classical music, that I began to pursue my lifelong passion as a profession. Photography enables me to observe people in all facets of their being, nourishing a curiosity that knows no limits. I am compelled by my desire to share the landscape of emotions reflected on the faces I find.

Greenwich Village is my home. From here, I need not go far to find subjects to photograph: ethnic parades, political events, graffitti, architectural wonders old and new, a subway ride, windows to peer into, and an endless potpourri of people. Or I go far, indeed, traveling the world to capture with my camera the human element in their environments, the similarities and cultural differences. I invite you to partake in my adventures with the strangers I've met along the way.


Susan Schiffer has worked in publicity, media relations, and management with the Metropolitan Opera, Sony Masterworks, and Opus 3/ICM Artists. She is currently working on a long­term project photographing immigrants and studies at the International Center for Photography, with an emphasis in environmental portraiture and street photography.

Her work has been shown at Umbrella Arts Gallery, NYC.